Georgia and Chloe- Two 14 year olds from London

Sing like no one's listening, love like you've never been hurt, dance like nobody's watching, and live like its heaven on earth.
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I always find it hard to follow boho blogs, because there’s soooo many out there!! So what I’m going to do is a boho blogs award:)! This is strictly for all types of boho. 20-500 blogs will be chosen, depending on the notes. They will be categorized by what they post —- for example: fashion, food, serene, white, color, jewelry, etc. Your blog can be in as many categories as it fits! There will also be an “elite” category, where my absolute favorites go. 10-200 blogs go there, again depending on the notes. My elites will be added to my gold & silver lists and in addition will be added into an elite boho group, where they’ll gain thousands from. 99% of blogs will be added into this, as long as they meet the requirements.


  • you must be a boho blog. no exceptions.
  • if you aren’t sure, message me & i’ll let you know if you’re qualified
  • must be following me! & check out the lovely who made this banner:)
  • likes disqualify you
  • reblog a max. 5 times, to be noticed
  • i will check out every blog.
  • please don’t message me about this!
  • choosing when this reaches a good amount of notes.


  • a permanent link on my blog for 30k+ followers to see
  • unlimited promo for promos, doubles, etc.
  • all my celeb tumblrs & codes (i have over 100)
  • voting help
  • advice
  • a follow from me
  • anything you want that’s reasonable


  • a permanent spot on my gold/silver list
  • which is very,very hard to get into
  • click here to see what they receive
  • everything up above
  • anything else you ever need
  • a guaranteed spot in my boho promo group, where you’ll gain thousands from.

go & good luck!<3


list is finalized, reblog to be noticed one last time.

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