Georgia and Chloe- Two 14 year olds from London

Sing like no one's listening, love like you've never been hurt, dance like nobody's watching, and live like its heaven on earth.
We track oceanicxdreamers.

follow me? no, i find this extremely rude and so i’ll probably block you. 

check out my blog? make a post and tag it with oceanicxdreamers and i’ll check it out. i get too many messages otherwise :(

this is a new blog and i want more followers? sorry, but i dont post these. i will check out the blog myself though.

help me, im close to my goal! sorry, only if we’re in the same group, i’ve spoken to you before or you’re on my favorites.

promote me? no, i do lists quite often so if you want a promo reblog one of those.

promo for promo? if we’re both following each other or we have the same style blog and you have 5k+ followers so we both gain.

double promo? we must be following each other and you must have 5k+ followers.

continuous promo? must be following each other and have 5k+ followers.

promo game? always happy to do these so just message me if you want and i will unless im busy!

honesty hour? message me and depending on what mood im in and how much time i have i might do it.

vote for me/tell your followers to vote for me? sorry, i get too many of these so only if your on my bronze, silver or gold pages, we’re in the same group or we’ve talked before.

how many followers? x,xxx

why did you unfollow me? you’re blog isn’t my style, you’ve been inactive for a while or you’ve been rude.

who made your banner? i recently changed it back to this and i’ve forgotten who made it but if it was you message me and i’d be more then happy to credit you! sorry :(

advice? sure, im always happy to help!

hate? will be deleted.

i also track the tag oceanicxdreamers so if you want me to check out your blog/see something do that otherwise i wont check it out + if theres anything else just ask me!